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Global Earthquakes Map

FAQ Global Incident Map:

Is your service free?

The vast majority of our incident maps are free public services which do not require a subscription. Our terrorism/suspicious activity map offers a free trial with no obligation.

Is the terrorism/suspicious activity information available to the public?

Yes. A subscription option, affordable for individuals, is available when you sign up for a free trial.

Do you offer multi-user subscriptions?

Yes. Multi-user and corporate accounts are available. Please click here to download the subscription application if your organization is need of a multi-user account.

Do you use AI to collect the information we see on the maps?

No. Aside from earthquakes and some forest fires, all items on our maps are human-curated – not gathered by AI or other automation, our human analysts have found, read, qualified, categorized, geocoded, and manually entered each and every item into our databases which power our maps. As such, incident data is subject to human error from time to time.

Do you offer enterprise licenses?

Yes. We do offer enterprise licenses for organizations where the number of users exceeds 20 seats. If you are interested in discussing an enterprise license, please reach out to us.

Do you offer feeds of your data?

Yes. We offer our incident data in KML and GeoRSS feed formats to universities, corporate security operations, law enforcement, intelligence, military, government, NGO, humanitarian, and other organizations. is also a an ESRI Partner and our incident data will soon be available to ESRI clients via the ESRI Marketplace.

To inquire about data feed options and costs please reach out to us.

We like the information you provide, do you also provide custom solutions?

Yes. does offer customized gathering, mapping, and data feeds of information matching the specific needs of specific clients. If your organization requires a continuously updated, human-curated, specialized set of incident data, please reach out to us.

I signed up for a free trial, but decided this info isn’t for me, how do I cancel it?

There is no need to cancel your trial. Your trial is free for 3 days. At the end of the 3 days your account will automatically deactivate.